Care Instructions

Please treat all my work carefully and it will give years of pleasure, both jewellery and paintings can be kept looking sharp with just an occasional dust with a soft cloth. However if spills do occur use a little warm soapy water to carefully remove dirt.

More specialist materials are as follows:

Titanium and Inlay - titanium is renowned for it's strength and the inlay creates a robust finish. However a little care goes a long way, one thing that will damage your jewellery is sharp objects which will scratch both the colouring on the titanium and the inlay. Keep your jewellery in the kimono fabric pouch provided, don't let it rattle around your jewellery box! The fabric pouch can be used to clean the jewellery gently while it is in the pouch. The colour of the titanium is susceptible to finger prints. If the colour of the metal appears to fade, don't worry it hasn't, the colour is permanent. Just wash the piece in warm water with a little washing up liquid and dry with a paper towel to bring it up again.

Silver - polish with a silver polishing cloth

Pearls - Keep away from perfume, cosmetics and sharp objects.