Guitar Distortion Brooch no.5

sterling silver
The allure of treasure, that mysterious energy from the past you feel in the presence of a bronze or iron age treasure horde. These brooches channel that historical fascination by using forms and techniques those civilizations used. These are the oldest known form of brooch, the single piece of metal formed into pin, spring and clasp. One thought process, each brooch is one of a kind, I never make the same thing twice.

No.5 in the series is complex, sinuous and distorted in it's textured clasp end. Recycled, hallmarked, sterling silver, hand hammered to form all parts of the brooch.

My version of this ancient form is a technical challenge, the pin has to stay controlled and solid as I draw down the pin, stretching the metal with my hammer into a fine taper. The catch end is the expressive part where I stress the metal to crack and crackle at the edges to make my signature Guitar Distortion Series textures to embody my synaesthetic vision of Matt Bellamy's distorted Guitar playing.

The model is also wearing brooch no.1 in these images.


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