We Can Work It Out ii Brooch

The second of my Beatles inspired brooches for Gioielli In Fermento 2016 an annual Italian art jewellery exhibition. The theme was "Freedom and Constraint". This is a continuation of my thinking from We Can Work It Out 1 Brooch.

Freedom: I am synaesthetic, I see sound as shape, colour and movement it is incredibly beautiful and moving emotionally. I love to listen to music and “see” the vibrant but ephemeral shapes play in the cosmos. Constraint: I try to draw and make jewellery from these fleeting images to share with you but can only catch brief wisps of remembered sound pictures with my pencil to put in my jewellery. This brooch was made after listening to The Beatles “We Can Work it Out” which was represents the possibility of moving beyond the constraints we feel now."

A mixed media brooch in painted sycamore wood, aluminium, sterling silver, olive quartz and a stainless steel pin.

Currently with Gioielli in Fermento in Italy, so unavailable to purchase through my website.


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