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silver cocktail ring Guitar Distortion Ring no.12

Unconventional silver jewellery for independent spirits with strong tastes and adventurous hearts.

Guitar Distortion Torc large
Guitar Distortion Torc large

Jewellery and Self Expression

Why is the jewellery we wear such an essential part of our self-expression? It has an ancient…well, magic for want of a better word. I love the power it has to make you feel bold, and I want to share that with you.

Guitar Distortion Ring Lapis Lazuli

My customers don’t wait for someone else to buy jewels for them, they adorn themselves.

Poppy Porter sterling siver wide textured band ring

It is about feeling as much as it is about looks or materials. Deep down, the part of you that needs to feel confident or show strength, the you that has to handle whatever the day may throw at you. The inner self that wants to express its dynamic energy, that says “I’ve got this”.

Poppy Porter Guitar Distortion Earrrings sterling silver

Being Different

Adornment has to be something different, and one of my rules is that I never make the same thing twice, I mean why do earrings have to match? No reason at all.  What I make I put up on my website for sale on a first come first served basis.

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Poppy Porter Guitar Disotrtion Ring 5 Matt Bellamy Silver Sterling black dark synaesthetic music inspired jewellery alternative sculptural massive heavy chunky

I discovered my customers use my jewellery as a source of strength, a reflector of mood, a talisman, a keeper of memory, a marker of identity, a booster of confidence, a glamorous adornment or finishing touch.

It must connect on the inside. How often have you put on an outfit but only felt “finished” once you put on your jewellery? Or worse felt a bit naked all day because you forgot to put on your earrings!

Poppy Porter Guitar Distortion Silver ring lapis lazuli edgy jewellery

Being Authentic

Jewel lovers often tell me they make a conscious decision to wear something different. Uniqueness is vital if you want to reflect your authentic self in what you wear.

Poppy Porter Guitar Distortion Ring #17 sterling silver

Jewellery is the anchor of your style and a way to signal to the world your inner resolve, defiant soul and unconventional self.

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