Hello, I'm Poppy the UK based artist behind all the work on this site. I  love jewellery, making it, wearing it and matching what I make with the right woman to wear it.



Muse at Glasgow SSE Hydro

My jewellery springs from my love of music, I channel the energy and emotion of music through my synaesthesia to make unconventional jewellery.

My synaesthesia takes the form of seeing sound so I have a strong visual impression of shape, colour, movement and sometimes texture when I listen to music.


So this is all me, what I was put on earth to do. I love music and my unusual relationship with it

The Cure at Wembley

Drawings made from music on my studio wall.

I want to make jewellery like my favourite musicians make music; glorious, a little dark, a bit weird, slightly bonkers but embracing, energising, layered and complex...


I want you to be able to take a piece of my jewellery full of this energy and strengthen yourself with it.


Jewellery has an ancient...well, magic for want of a better word.


I love the power it has to make you feel the best version of yourself, and I want to share that with you.


Why is the jewellery we wear such an essential part of our self-expression?

I discovered my customers use my jewellery as a source of strength, a reflector of mood, a talisman, a keeper of memory, a marker of identity, a booster of confidence, a glamorous adornment or finishing touch.


"Wearing Poppy's work makes me feel delicate and powerful in equal measures, utterly 21st century feminine"

Mary - Cambridge

It is about feeling as much as it is about looks or materials.  Deep down, the part of you that needs to feel confident or show strength, the you that has to handle whatever the day may throw at you. The inner self that wants to express its dynamic energy, that says "I've got this".

"We Can Work It Out" Brooch

It must connect on the inside. How often have you put on an outfit but only felt “finished” once you put on your jewellery? Or worse felt a bit naked all day because you forgot to put on your earrings!


My customers don't wait for someone else to buy jewellery for them, they adorn themselves.

"I love finding jewellery that expresses the unspoken you...like the fireworks in your heart when you hear your favourite song." Anita - Billericay

Jewellery lovers often tell me they make a conscious decision to wear something different. Uniqueness is important if you want to reflect your authentic self in what you wear.


Jewellery is the anchor of your style and a way to signal to the world your inner resolve, defiant soul and unconventional self.

Guitar Distortion Earrings

One of my rules is that I never make the same thing twice, I mean why do earrings have to match? No reason at all.  My jewellery is always ready to make a stunning statement.

To minimise the environmental impact of my workshop practices I use recycled sterling silver from old and broken silverware.  Melted down and remade into my jewellery.



For customers with specific requirements, I work to commission.  Perhaps you have spotted a gem on my Instagram feed that you want to be made into a special piece? Get in touch using the button below or contact me via any of my social media (scroll down for links).

Worried about the cost? I understand really excellent jewellery can be a significant financial outlay. I am happy to spread payments over a few months for more expensive items and especially for commissions. Get in contact and we can work out terms.

Guitar Distortion Ring with natural aquamarine crystal

This is my hallmark, it is a UK legal requirement that precious metals are "assayed" that is tested and stamped so you have the assurance the silver is the correct quality.  PP is my maker's mark, the lion the traditional sterling silver mark, 925 the silver fineness mark, leopard's head for the London Assay office and the date letter, "t" for 2018.

"Beautiful ring by Poppy Porter Abstract Artist: Jeweller, I've had my eye on this one every since Poppy first showed a picture of it. It's a perfect and natural fit, it feels so organic, almost alive. The stone looks dark, nearly black, and opaque on first glance, but hold it up to the light and it turns the colour transparent turquoise sea! It's right up there as one of my favourite pieces of jewellery - Thanks, Poppy! "

Anita - via Facebook

Finally, it comes to you carefully and beautifully packaged in a handmade kimono fabric bag and a sturdy box or for larger items and commissions a repurposed vintage tin that fully protects it during shipping.

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