Illuminated Loops: The Fuzzy Logic of Synaesthetic Feedback

Illuminated Loops: The Fuzzy Logic of Synaesthetic Feedback

A collaborative project with solo-bassist Steve Lawson


Steve and I are collaborating on a continuing series of live art performances to small audiences where he plays, I listen and respond to his music with drawings via my synaesthetic experience. Inspired by my drawings he improvises further, we continue to respond to each other and a creative feedback loop arises as we each feed off the other's output.


The sounds that spark the richest synaesthetic experience are those that are distorted, beginning to break down, decay and change. Steve's music uses post-processing and looping technology from his live instrument to create soundscapes that do just that. Boundaries, risk and unpredictability are a fundamental part of my work and are at the heart of my interest in this project. Neither of us know when we start to perform where the work will take us.


The status of the drawings is uncertain once the performance has ended. Where does “The Work” lie? Does it begin with the sound of Steve's bass and fade as he ceases to play? Are the drawings preliminary sketches for a finished product or ghosts and traces left behind after “The Work” has ended?


Through a creative process of catalyst, action, experience and documentation we use my synaesthesia as a tool to explore the realm of the abstract, the boundaries of the senses and celebrate neurodiversity.