Guitar Distortion Torc Necklace


Hand forged silver torc

Fully UK hallmarked sterling silver

Fitting: use a piece of string to measure round the base of your neck then measure the string on a ruler.

This torc will fit a neck between approx 340mm and 430mm

Internal diameter W 125mm x L 130mm

Terminals are 45mm & 40mm long

Circumfrence 400mm

Flexible with room to adjust

Blacksilver burnished finish

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This torc is inspired by my synaesthetic response to the crackled and chaotic guitar playing of Matt Bellamy from Muse. To me his playing looks like lightning made of mercury, I take snippets of his playing and give them physical shape in silver by forging an ingot of molten silver into this freeform sculptural Torc. Research into the incredible skill of ancient Celtic goldsmiths lead me to make this necklace as a single piece of forged metal.

This torc is flexible and opens to slide over your neck. This torc is shaped for total comfort and is one of a kind, made for an independent spirit with strong tastes and an adventurous heart.