Silver Torc Necklace


A stunning silver torc necklace hand-forged in sterling silver, inspired by the sound of electric guitar and the treasures of Iron Age Celts. This statement piece is for you if you love to anchor your style with key jewellery pieces.

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Silver Torc Necklace

This silver torc necklace is inspired by my synaesthetic response to the crackled and chaotic guitar playing of Matt Bellamy from Muse. To me his playing looks like lightning made of mercury, I take snippets of his playing and give them physical shape in silver by forging an ingot of molten silver into this freeform sculptural silver torc necklace. Research into the incredible skill of ancient Celtic goldsmiths lead me to make this necklace as a single piece of forged metal. This silver torc necklace is flexible and opens to slide over your neck. This torc is shaped for total comfort and is one of a kind, made for an independent spirit with strong tastes and an adventurous heart.

Inspired By Music

I am synaesthetic, which is a neurological trait where my senses cross. Therefore I have a strong visual impression of shape, colour, movement and sometimes texture when I hear music. This silver torc necklace is inspired by the incredible lightning-like visuals I get when I listen to an electric guitar.

Recycled Silver

Mining silver is an environmentally invasive process, so I use recycled silver in all my work. The sterling silver I used to make this silver torc necklace comes from old and broken silverware and cutlery. Consequently, I can eliminate the need for newly mined silver in my work. I melted a piece of old silverware down. Then I hand forged the resulting ingot of molten silver into this bloodstone cocktail ring. This ring has a full UK Hallmark which guarantees it is sterling silver. To see an image of my hallmark see my FAQs.

Who Is This Silver Torc Necklace For?

You love to wear something different, anchoring your independent style with key jewellery pieces.  Jewellery is not just for best but can be worn and loved every day. You seek out and enjoy the craftsmanship inherent in good quality jewellery, clothes and accessories. However, what you wear needs to be comfortable, practical and stylish. This silver torc necklace is perfect to go with styles that need a little edge adding to them. This torc necklace fits comfortably with all styles of neckline.

Sizing and Features

Fully UK hallmarked recycled sterling silver

Fitting: use a piece of string to measure around the base of your neck then measure the string on a ruler. This torc will fit a neck between approx 340mm and 430mm

Internal diameter W 125mm x L 130mm. Terminals are 45mm & 40mm long. Circumference 400mm

Flexible with room to adjust

Blacksilver burnished finish

Here’s a video explaining the inspiration behind the silver torc necklace and how I made it.