See Synaesthetic Art Magically Appearing; A Time Lapse of Drawing Iron Maiden

I thought I’d do something a bit different this week, I’ve been experimenting with time-lapse photography while I draw music. It adds a whole new dimension to the work to be able to see it appear as if by magic as I sketch. Plus it is enjoyable and allows me to share the dynamic nature of synaesthesia with you. Here’s a set I worked up yesterday while listening to Iron Maiden.

I was listening to the new(ish) Iron Maiden album Book of Souls, and focussing on the guitarists. There are three of them, Adrian Smith, Janick Gers and Dave Murray. I can’t tell them apart yet, and Iron Maiden often use them as a dense wall of sound with incredibly vibrant and complex colours. In these time lapses, I am looking at their solos and where their playing jumps out of the mix. There is swirling golden playing, cog-like shapes with blue edges and lots of big scoopy C-shapes.

If you want to know what I was listening to go to the Iron Maiden YouTube channel, there’s lots of videos from Book of Souls there.

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