The Top 5 Merry Festive Gingerbread, Starry, Holiday, Christmas Jewellery Style Selections With Added Bonus (…no Please Not Another Mince Pie) Best Of Top Yuletide, Winter Solstice Songs Playlist.

I’m going to come right out and say it; I’m not a massive fan of Christmas. Some parts of it I love, some things can go whistle. If you are like my sister and at least one of my cousins, you started the build-up to Christmas way back in early November with references to Christmas jumpers and general kick off to the countdown excitement. If you are like me, you started and finished your Christmas shopping yesterday and refuse to even consider the whole affair until well into December.

Either way, there are many decisions to be made, possibly too many, about who, what, where and how to celebrate. So given my favourite things about Christmas are the small things, the stolen moments away from the general hubbub of the season. I thought I’d give you a little help with one of those decisions. Just a small one, but one that can make a big difference on a personal level, especially if you have been working hard at organising the rest of Christmas. What jewellery to choose for the big day? As a bonus, there’s a little playlist to listen to while you make your choice.

#1 Stars

If you’ve got bling, bung it on, why not? ‘Tis the season after all. Put on your diamond rings and sparkly brooches. Wear a crushed velvet scarf in a dark colour and pin on a star-shaped brooch. What else have you got? Do you have some earrings with cascades of little star beads? Perfect. Add a twinkle and richness to your day either with real diamonds, zirconias or paste (glass) pave set sparkles.

Song: Santa Baby – Eartha Kitt or Step into Christmas: Elton John

#2 Family Heirlooms or jewellery received as a gift

Christmas is a time for family togetherness, and family heirlooms give a strong sense of continuity and are a reminder of Christmases past that our grandparents or relatives even further back enjoyed. It is a time to remember our loved ones whether they are still with us or not. Wearing a piece of jewellery that was given to you as a gift is an excellent way of recalling the giver to mind.

Song: One More Sleep Till Christmas Muppets Christmas Carol Soundtrack

#3 Bad Taste

I disapprove of earrings in the shape of Christmas trees and headbands with light up snowflakes on. I may have to go and lie down in a darkened room just thinking about them. Don’t let my bah-humbug approach to festivities put you off though if you like Christmas tat go for it ;) It is, as they say, Christmas and you are going to look pretty damn silly in them at Easter.

Christmas Time (Don’t Let the Bells End)The Darkness

#4 Natural, leaves and mistletoe, wreath-like and matching.

If you prefer a more natural style why not look to the traditional evergreens of winter for your style. Leaves and berries, mistletoe and ivy, wreaths and pinecones. Wear jewellery that takes its cue from the natural winter world. Art Nouveau is an excellent example of a naturally inspired style. A wreath of silver leaves around your neck would look stunning as you sit down to Christmas dinner or enjoy a mulled wine and mince pie.

Christmas Is going to the dogs: Eels

#5 A Joyful Piece you save for Christmas Day

I have an exceptional necklace I wear on Christmas day; it is one of my traditions. Christmas is made up of a multitude of little personal traditions each differing from person to person that overlay the general traditions of Christmas. To the individual, these are as important as the broader traditions, and well Christmas isn’t Christmas without [insert your own tradition here].

It is a pendant on a long chain, a good style for the warm jumpers of winter. It is a ceramic reindeer painted in the way of traditional gallopers on a merry-go-round with a twisted brass pole. It has a few crystal gems set on its back. I love it, it is very kitsch and save it to wear on Christmas day.

Little St Nick: Beach Boys

Christmas is a time for many lovely choices. Picking out gifts for your family and friends, which cocktails will you be enjoying on Christmas day, which music to play to get everyone feeling festive, should I have another mince pie? Not to mention the mounting excitement of every child you know. I find it is the little choices that give me the most pleasure at Christmas time and choosing jewellery is always a joy. So what is my favourite Christmas song? It’s Lost in the Supermarket by the Clash …I’m kidding, I’m kidding …sort of ;)

Link to the playlist on Spotify

Reindeer Necklace by Hop Skip and Flutter
Reindeer Necklace by Hop Skip and Flutter