“Beautiful ring by Poppy Porter Abstract Artist: Jeweller, I’ve had my eye on this one every since Poppy first showed a picture of it. It’s a perfect and natural fit, it feels so organic, almost alive. The stone looks dark, nearly black, and opaque on first glance, but hold it up to the light and it turns the colour transparent turquoise sea! It’s right up there as one of my favourite pieces of jewellery – Thanks, Poppy! “

Anita – via Facebook

Anita Heket Sapphire Silver Ringg

“Wearing Poppy’s work makes me feel delicate and powerful in equal measures, utterly 21st century feminine”

Mary – Cambridge

“I love finding jewellery that expresses the unspoken you…like the fireworks in your heart when you hear your favourite song.”

Anita – Billericay

“Thank you so much, it’s lovely, I so love all the handmade pieces that I have bought before, it’s so nice to have things that are unique and that people have taken love and care over making.”

Louise – Middlesex

“They arrived and look great. Thanks Very Much.”

Andrew – London

“Even better than I remembered and a perfect fit. Thank you so much”

Mary – London

“My ring arrived safely and I have been wearing it ever since! I love it!”

Aldyth – London

“I wore my new ring yesterday and it got rave reviews!”

Hillary – London

“I have been wearing it to work every day for the last week. I am very pleased with it and it has generated a lot of interest.”

Helen – Devon