Fine Silver Chain Necklace


A fine twirl of sterling silver on a delicate curb chain. Lyrical and lovely, a necklace for when you need the lightest of touches with your jewellery.

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Fine Silver Chain Necklace

A fine silver chain necklace full of curling movement. I hand made this necklace in black sterling silver with a burnish polished finish to highlight the texture.  It is a curling design, full of movement like the guitar playing that inspired it. I never make the same thing twice consequently this fine silver chain necklace is a one-off piece.

Inspired by Music and Synaesthesia

I am synaesthetic which is a neurological trait where the senses cross.  Therefore I have a strong visual impression of shape, colour, movement and sometimes texture when I hear music. What I see when I listen to music inspired this fine silver chain necklace. I listen to music as I make and transfer the movement and energy from the music through my hands to my work. As a result, the shapes in this necklace are little snippets of electric guitar music made visible by my synaesthesia. Hence this pendant twists like crackled and distorted electric guitar playing. If you want to know more about my synaesthesia and how the Guitar Distortion Series of jewellery came about, read this: How Vivid Synaesthesia and Muse Live Briefly Disintegrated My Conscious Mind.

Recycled Silver

The sterling silver I used to make this fine silver chain necklace is recycled from old and broken silverware and cutlery. Consequently, I can eliminate the need for newly mined silver in my work. I melted a piece of old silverware down. Then I hand forged the resulting ingot of molten silver into this carefully crafted pendant.

Who Is This Fine Silver Chain Necklace For?

This pendant is for a woman who wants originality without big jewellery. A woman wanting to anchor in her daily style with key good quality pieces.  An adventurous heart who shows her individuality with the jewellery she wears.

  • One-off piece
  • Pendant W-10mm L-20mm D-9mm
  • Box chain W-1mm L-410mm (16in)
  • Blacksilver (oxidised) burnished polish finish
  • Comes to you protected by a sturdy branded box