Hidden Garnet Pendant Necklace


Sculptural silver leaves entwine a beautiful little hidden garnet in this stunning one-off necklace. Dark silver finish and a fine chain complete the look.

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Hidden Garnet Pendant Necklace

This unusual Hidden Garnet Pendant Necklace is hand-formed in sterling silver. It has sculptural silver leaves that entwine a little oval faceted garnet. Garnet is a beautiful blood-red stone. In this necklace, it is a little secret for the wearer. It hangs from a fine rollo or round belcher chain. I never make the same thing twice; consequently, this necklace is unique.

Inspired by Music and Synaesthesia

I am synaesthetic, which is a neurological trait where my senses cross.  Therefore I have a strong visual impression of shape, colour, movement and sometimes texture when I hear music.  This Hidden Garnet Pendant Necklace is inspired by what I see when I listen to electric guitar. To me, electric guitar looks like lightning made of silver. As a result, the shape of this curled silver pendant is a little snippet of music made visible by my synaesthesia.

To read more about how my synaesthesia works and how it inspires my jewellery read this blog post: Four Ways I Invite Chaos into My Creative Process Eliminating Failure and Making My Jewellery More Authentic as a Result.

What Is It Made Of?

Mining silver is an environmentally invasive process, so I use recycled silver in all my work. The sterling silver I used to make this pendant comes from old and broken silverware and cutlery. Consequently, I can eliminate the need for newly mined silver in my work. I melted a piece of old silverware down. Then I skillfully hand forged the resulting ingot of molten silver into this Hidden Garnet Pendant Necklace.

Who Is This Hidden Garnet Pendant Necklace For?

This pendant is for a woman who looks for something different. You want unusual jewellery to anchor your favourite outfits and add a meaningful finishing touch. High quality and excellence that lasts are what you look for in your clothes and jewellery.

  • One-off piece
  • Sterling silver
  • oval cut Indian garnet
  • W-22mm L-20mm D-10mm
  • Chain W 1.8mm L 470mm/18.5in
  • Black silver burnished finish
  • Comes to you protected by a sturdy branded box

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