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The Friday Jewellery Sale: Doing Things Differently, Keeping it Fresh.

I’m doing things differently from now on, keeping my website fresh so you can visit weekly to see new jewellery to fall in love with. The change is on my website and in the way I work, I’m introducing the Friday Jewellery Sale. Everything I make is one-off, so the week’s new pieces go up for sale on Fridays. All available on a first come first served basis. Read on for what’s new this week.

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I have some spectacular natural and faceted stones in the pipeline, my customers have loved the texture and mystery stones add to my jewellery. There are small and large pieces on the way, but the first one available here is a crunchy textured, sea salty natural aquamarine set in a sterling silver sculptural ring.

Guitar Distortion Ring with natural aquamarine
Shop Guitar Distortion Ring with natural aquamarine


I’ve been doing tons of research into Celtic jewellery and metalsmiths lately; you may have read my previous blog post about it [here]. Following that, I had fun making my take on the iconic torc.

Guitar Distortion Torc #1
Shop Guitar Distortion Torc #1


I love a good wrist stack, and bracelets look amazing worn together, but they have to be comfortable otherwise they get in the way. Chains work well but if you are more of a bangle person oval is the best shape especially if the bangle has detail on one side. Wrists are not round so why are bangles round? An oval means the detail stays topside and the whole piece stays out of the way and remains comfy for day to day wear.

Guitar Distortion Bracelet no.2
Shop Guitar Distortion Bracelet #2


Brooches are versatile, but there’s nothing like a little lapel pin for a subtle and understated piece of jewellery. Just because something is small does not mean it can’t be elegant and expressive. This pin is hand forged from a single piece of silver; repeated hammering draws down the pin to a point with the other end full of sculptural flair.

Guitar Distortion Pin
Shop Guitar Distortion Pin

Go and have a look to see what’s new, now there’s also free shipping for all my UK customers.