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Sterling silver bracelet hand forged from one piece of silver as a result, it  has an extraordinary energy and a fluid shape. It is flowing and crackled like the guitar playing that inspired it.

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Unusual Silver Bracelet

Treasure has extraordinary energy, and this silver bracelet with its fluid shape is no exception. It is inspired by my synaesthetic response to the crackled and chaotic guitar playing of Matt Bellamy from Muse. I hand forged this silver bracelet from one piece of silver. As a result, it is flowing and crackled like the guitar playing that inspired it.

Flowing Design and Exceptional Fit

I have paid close attention to the fitting of this silver bracelet. Its oval shape is more comfortable to wear and makes sure the detail stays on top of your wrist. It won’t slip around. Consequently, it will fit your wrist comfortably and snugly.

I never make the same thing twice so as a result, this silver bracelet is a one-off piece. It is from my ongoing series of unique hand sculpted jewellery. Bracelet number 2 in my Guitar Distortion series.

Music As Inspiration

I have synaesthesia which is a neurological trait where my senses cross meaning my sight is triggered when I listen to music.  Therefore I have a strong visual impression of shape, colour, movement and sometimes texture when I hear music. This silver bracelet is inspired by what I see when I listen to music.  As a result, the twisted shapes in this silver bracelet are little snippets of electric guitar music made tangible by my synaesthesia.

To me, electric guitar looks like lightning made of mercury. Hence this large silver bracelet curls and twists in response to crackled and distorted electric guitar playing.  If you want to know more about my synaesthesia, read this How Vivid Synaesthesia and Muse Live Briefly Disintegrated My Conscious Mind.

Recycled Silver

I used recycled sterling silver from old and broken silverware and cutlery to make this heavy silver bracelet. Consequently, this eliminates the need for newly mined silver in my work. I melted a piece of old silverware down. Then I hand forged the resulting ingot of molten silver into this satisfyingly weighty piece of jewellery.

Who is this silver bracelet for?

This heavy silver bracelet is for a woman who wants to be creative with her style but retain her sophistication.  An adventurous heart who chooses her individual path and opens her own doors and as a result she wants to show her individuality with the jewellery she wears. An open, honest, creative and resourceful woman with a curiosity that leads her forwards in her endeavours.

  • Sterling silver bracelet
  • UK Hallmarked sterling silver (925)
  • Internal diameter W-75mm H-55mm
  • External dimensions  W-77mm H-65mm
  • Height of detail – 15mm
  • Blacksilver burnished finish
  • Comes to you protected in a sturdy branded box

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