Guitar Distortion Cuff


UK Hallmarked sterling silver (925)

internal oval dimensions – 60mm x 43mm

W – 750mm H – 70mm D – 50mm

Band – 15mm at its widest part

Fitting available.

Blackened burnished finish

1 in stock


Treasure has extraordinary energy, and this cuff bracelet is no exception with its fluid shape. Inspired by my synaesthetic response to the crackled and chaotic guitar playing of Matt Bellamy from Muse. To my synaesthetic sense, his playing looks like lightning made of mercury, which I translate into this freeform, sculptural bracelet.  A sculptural and close fitting cuff bracelet, hand forged to fit your wrist comfortably and snugly. Fits by slotting the gap over the narrow part of your wrist and turning the bracelet.


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