Silver Bangle Statement Bracelet


This silver bangle is hand forged from a single ingot of sterling silver. It is a unique design inspired by music with a beautiful flow and comfortable fit.  This bracelet is for you if you like to anchor your style with key pieces.

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Silver Bangle

Nothing sits quite so comfortably on your wrist as a silver bangle. This sculptural ribbon of silver is no exception, skillfully constructed and twisted, then smoothed so it lies comfortably around your wrist. As with all my other pieces in this unique series, the inspiration behind this silver curb chain bracelet is my synaesthetic response electric guitar playing. The sculptural detail twists and crackles like the guitar playing that inspired it.

Flowing Design and Exceptional Fit

I have paid close attention to the fitting of this silver bangle. Your wrist is not round so neither should this silver bangle. It is oval-shaped the same as your wrist. I specially made the whole bangle so that the sculptural detail stays on top of your wrist. It won’t slip around.

It will fit your wrist comfortably and snugly. Although this silver bangle is heavily textured and has a twisting design, it does not snag on your clothes. I tucked each curl under for maximum comfort. An edgy look without any sharp edges.

I never make the same thing twice, so as a result, this silver bangle is a one-off piece. It is from my ongoing series of unique hand-sculpted jewellery.

How To Put On A Bangle

Never get stuck in a bangle again with this technique! It was a total revelation when I was shown this. When putting on a bangle don’t think of your hand as one obstacle to get over. Follow these steps and you’ll never have that horrible “I’m Stuck!” feeling again.

  1. Tuck your thumb under the palm of your hand
  2. Arch your palm over your thumb and bring your remaining fingers as close together as possible
  3. put the silver bangle over your fingers
  4. Think of your hand as three points to push the silver bangle over in turn
  5. The first point is the knuckle at the base of your index or pointing finger
  6. Push the silver bangle over this knuckle
  7. The second point is the knuckle at the base of your little or pinkie finger
  8. Push the silver bangle over this knuckle
  9. The third point is the knuckle at the base of your thumb
  10. Push the silver bangle over this knuckle
  11. And you are there!
  12. To get the silver bangle off, just reverse the process starting with the thumb knuckle.

Music As Inspiration

I have synaesthesia, which is a neurological trait where my senses cross, meaning my sight is triggered when I listen to music.  Therefore I have a strong visual impression of shape, colour, movement and sometimes texture when I hear music. This silver bangle is inspired by what I see when I listen to music.  As a result, the twisted shapes in this silver bangle are little snippets of electric guitar music made tangible by my synaesthesia.

To me, the sound of electric guitar looks like lightning made of mercury. Hence this silver bangle curls and twists in response to crackled and distorted electric guitar playing.  If you want to know more about my synaesthesia, read this How Vivid Synaesthesia and Muse Live Briefly Disintegrated My Conscious Mind.

Recycled Silver

I used recycled sterling silver from old and broken silverware and cutlery to make this flowing silver bangle. Consequently, this eliminates the need for newly mined silver in my work. I melted a piece of old silverware down. Then I hand forged the resulting ingot of molten silver into this satisfyingly weighty piece of jewellery. If you want to know more about how I make my jewellery read this: Four Ways I Invite Chaos into My Creative Process Eliminating Failure and Making My Jewellery More Authentic as a Result.

Who Is This Silver Bangle For?

This silver bangle is for you if you want to be creative with your style but retain your sophistication.  You want to show your individuality with the jewellery you wear and anchor your outfits with key pieces. You like those pieces to have a story, after all, who wears jewellery hoping it won’t be noticed? Jewellery is a way to subtly and indirectly show your taste and character, start conversations and be appreciated for who you are.

  • Sterling silver bangle
  • UK Hallmarked sterling silver
  • Internal dimensions 70mm x 50mm
  • External dimensions  74mm x 67mm
  • Height of detail – 18mm
  • Blacksilver burnished finish
  • Comes to you protected by a sturdy branded box

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