Long Chain Pendant


A long chain pendant with a hand made silver serpentine curl on a fine rope chain. A bold one-off piece with a gorgeous crackled edge texture.

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Long Chain Pendant

A long chain pendant, hand-made in sterling silver and sinuously serpentine. It has a wonderful cracked texture on the curled edge which consequently gives the whole necklace a structured and unusual look. The pendant hangs from a beautifully matched long rope chain.

Music As Inspiration

I am synaesthetic which is a neurological trait where the senses are crossed.  As a result, I have a strong visual impression of shape, colour, movement and sometimes texture when I hear music. This long chain pendant is inspired by what I see when I listen to electric guitar.  As a result, the serpentine shape of this necklace is a little snippet of electric guitar music made tangible by my synaesthesia. To me, electric guitar looks like lightning made of mercury. Hence this silver necklace on its long chain curls and twists in response to crackled and distorted electric guitar playing. If you want to know more about my synaesthesia read this on my blog.

Unique Long Chain Pendant

This long chain pendant is totally unique, I never make the same thing twice. Made by hand using a freeform hammering technique I worked this necklace until it felt right listening to the music that inspired it. I recycle the silver I use in my jewellery from old and broken sterling silver pieces of cutlery or jewellery.

Bold Style

Edgy and darkly stylish this long chain pendant is a great piece to wear every day for added drama. A piece to layer with a couple of shorter necklaces or wear on it’s own over your favourite top.

  • sterling silver necklace
  • 710mm (28″) 2mm wide rope chain with a bolt ring clasp
  • Pendant L – 27mm x W – 29mm
  • Blacksilver burnished finish
  • black-silver burnished finish
  • Comes to you protected by a sturdy branded box

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