Twisted Silver Hoop Earrings


These Twisted Silver Hoop Earrings are hand-forged and inspired by the traditions of Celtic Iron Age Jewellery. Made from one continuous sterling silver wire. They are approximately 2.5cm in diameter with a simple sprung ear wire that hooks closed.

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Twisted Silver Hoop Earrings

The exquisite Bronze Age Celtic jewellery in the British Museum inspired these Twisted Silver Hoop Earrings. Twisting is an iconic technique of these ancient goldsmiths. I have blackened the silver and given the earrings a burnish polish to bring out the textural detail. These earrings are a great way to add a real edge to your look.

Inspired by Ancient Celtic Goldsmiths

I made a research trip to the British Musem to see how Celtic goldsmiths made their jewellery.  The twisted torc is an iconic emblem of these ancient craftspeople’s remarkable skill.  These beautiful Iron Age works directly inspired these Twisted Silver Hoop Earrings. I made each earring from a single piece of wire.  Each hoop is shaped, thinned, twisted and wrapped in a specific way to make these earrings. As a result, these Twisted Silver Hoop Earrings reflect the ongoing timeline of jewellery making skills that is ages old.

I individually hand-make every piece of my jewellery, for more about my research into Celtic Torcs read: The Celtic Torc Is The Beautiful Magic of Iron Age Treasure

What Is It Made Of?

Sterling silver is a widely used alloy in jewellery and it is the metal I have used to make these earrings. Sometimes refered to as 925 silver it means that there is 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper which therefore improves it’s workability. Coins used to be made from sterling silver, consequently we still sometimes refer to British currency as pounds sterling even though the coins are no longer made from sterling silver. It is an easy to wear and durable metal for jewellery and has anti-bacterial properties which make it ideal for pierced earrings.

Who Are These Twisted Silver Hoop Earrings For?

These earrings are for a woman with an adventurous heart and plenty of curiosity. She knows her style and knows what she likes. You want unusual jewellery to add an edge to your favourite outfits and add a meaningful finishing touch.  You seek out good quality and excellence that lasts in your clothes and jewellery.

  • 25mm dia (approx. hand made so they do vary a little but I make sure the pairs match)
  • Hand-forged
  • Sterling silver
  • Burnished black-silver finish
  • Comes to you protected by a sturdy branded box

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